Day 21 #Tent of Revival [ 52 Days Prayer ]
You are His Chosen Vessel
Reading : Luke 1: 26-38
“But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us.” (2 Corinthians 4:7)
*Prayer Points*
1. Are we people who fail to believe that we are a chosen Vessel for a specific purpose. God has chosen us to carry His message to the world.
2. If you have you been bruised and battered by the world, broken, you had some cracks let’s take our life to God.
3. God can help repair you , even when you find it hard to believe that God would use such an awkward-looking vessel.We were intentionally made the way we are and to feel empty inside. Because we are designed to be filled.
4. A chosen vessel doesn’t just sit on a shelf. It is frequently handled, moved, lifted,  and set in place on a family table.
5. As a chosen Vessel it is used in every day service, doing what it was designed to do. To pour out, to be refilled, and *pour out* again.
6. A chosen Vessel is willing to go through continual process of purifying and cleansing by the Lord Jesus Christ. This is done through the act of repentance,turning away from, all that does not please Him.
6. Pray that the youth, Teens, preteens , Toddlers and young ones will be protected and *Restored* in their faith and relationship with Parents.
7. A chosen Vessel will raise above the situations, to break open the doors. We are to depend completely on God for His power to overcome the dark forces.
8. Pray for *Restoration* among Indian community in Singapore. Restoration of faith, health, wealth, peace and Joy.
9. Pray for families to rejoice in unity.
10. Pray that God will lead us to people who are backslidden, that God will lead us to serve them.
11.Pray that God will put the burden for those who need Restoration. Help us to be vessels who carry the Truth of the gospel.