5 Ways to give


Via Paylah!

Download Paylah from app Store

  1. Log in to DBS PayLahwith your Touch / Face ID or PayLah! Password.
  2. Tap and enter the amount you wish to send.
  3. Scan the QR Code or Select the Recipient(s) from your contact list or enter their Mobile Number if required and tap Done followed by Next.
  4. Verify the transaction and tap Let’s go to complete the transaction.

Via PayNow

Register your Mobile No.

  1. Confirm your Mobile Number and enter your preferred PayNow Nickname.
  2. Scan for PayNow and tap Next.
  3. Confirm your details and tap Register Now.
  4. Enter the SMS OTP sent to your registered mobile number and tap Submit to complete the registration.

fave Pay

  1. FavePay is only available for selected partners on the Fave mobile app
  2. Scan the FavePay QR code: Our Church has a unique QR code. Scan the QR Code
  3. Type your amount: Simply enter your total amount, add a promo code (if any), and tap PAY NOW to finish paying.

Bank Transfer

DBS BANK 0159011542

New Hope Family Church


Give Online using card

Note: Select “Click here to give as a guest”