Day 30 # Tent of Revival [ 52 Day Prayer ]

The Lord Reigns Forever

Reading Exodus 15:1-10

The song of Miriam is a song of victory , expression of love and thanks. It is a song to celebrate the victory over the pharaoh’s army by parting the red sea.
The fear of the incident was still fresh in the mind of people at Jericho even after 40 years as Rahab refers it in Joshua  2:10.
Let the victory and the revival that God ordained this season be an inspiration for many in the years to come.

Prayer Points:1. Let us express relief, praise, thanks when we go through troubled times.

2. Let God be our strength. His strength will not let us down.

3. Let His power reign in our lives and completely take charge of our weakness.

4.  Let us proclaim the superiority of God over everything else in our Life.

5.  Pray for people who are unchurched. May God lead us to them and serve.6. Pray for the Families, Next generation. Pray that we will love each other.

7. Pray for  Singapore: Pray for the Indian community in East, West,North East, North, Central regions

8. Let us raise up to take charge of bringing Christ in to every Home to Revive Singapore and Indian community.

9. Let us become part of the answer to prayer of restoration.

10. Let us pray for the Churches in Singapore that it will stand strong in morality. We pray for the leaders to uphold purity in their personal lives.

Addtnl Prayers: Pray for Family members who live overseas in COVID affected countries. Specially INDIA, Malaysia, US, other countries.


Blessings & Prayers

Pastor. Bobby Leonard