Day 39 # Tent of Revival [ 52 Day Prayer ]

The End of Law is Christ

Romans 10:1 -15

People cannot come to Jesus without the right information about the gospel, but information alone is not enough to save anyone. There must be a radical submission to the righteousness of God, putting away our own righteousness.

“Christ did not come to make the law milder, or to render it possible for our cracked and battered obedience to be accepted as a sort of compromise. The law is not compelled to lower its terms, as though it had originally asked too much; it is holy and just and good, and ought not to be altered in one jot or tittle, nor can it be. Our Lord gives the law all it requires, not a part, for that would be an admission that it might justly have been content with less at first.” (Spurgeon)

Prayer from Scripture:

  1. Jesus is the full revelation of God. We must know Christ fully to know God. Let us pray for such desire in  our heart to know more of Christ.
  2. Let us pray confess and believe in the person and work of Jesus Christ understanding that we do not gain God’s righteousness by works.
  3. Let us no only believe in our heart by also Confess with our mouth that GOD raised Jesus from death.
  4. Let us pray to God for sending us to preach the GOOD News
  5. Let us work in partnership with God for salvation.

Revival Prayer:
1. Pray that God will help us to move to the next phase of Revival.
2. Pray that as we seek to Increase the prayer, people will raise up through this season.
3. Pray for us to fast and pray to understand your blue print for the next phase of revival.
4. Pray that you give wisdom for us as we engage with other leaders in the nation.
5. Pray that we will be able to Host Prayer Tent in different regions of Singapore.

Prayer for Restoration & Salvation:
1. Pray for restoration of families who have challenges in relationship.
2. Pray that the young people and their lives be restored.
3. Pray for those who are in their desert walk, that they will find the oasis.
4. Pray for the people who we have contacted, have not tasted God yet.