Romans 3: 1-20
All of us, everyone is condemned by our own actions. The law which God gave to show the way of living, holds up our evil deeds to public view. The law condemns us. But the law is not the basis of our Hope. God in his wonderful righteousness and love offers us eternal life. We receive salvation not through the law but through faith in Jesus Christ. We cannot Earn it. We accept it as a GIFT from our Heavenly father.

What was your reaction when someone accused you of your wrongdoing? Did you go defenseless, did you try to Argue, Did you try to justify?

The world stands in silence and is accountable to the almighty God. Have you reached a point in life with GOD that you have no excuses or arguments to justify yourself? Are you ready to let go of your defense and allow God and his decision in your life? If you haven’t and still in an argument, Stop everything and submit to him.