Dr Melvyn David

Do not delay when God tells you
Meeting and eating is part of GOD’S will.
The disciples always had met and ate together
God wants us to physically and spiritually blessed
We may get distractions away from our call
We must COME BACK to His alignment to do His will.
Isaiah 7:9
We believe Him but we do not believe Him COMPLETELY.
We need to have a 100% Faith in Jesus
When we need something, we have the 100% faith, but after the healing comes, our faith decreases and that is the reason why sometimes the healing is not complete as we start to believe lesser
The devil doesn’t want us to have full faith on God and distracts us
We must establish our roots strong in God’s word and we will be established in all areas of our lives
Only the world and the devil will give temporary blessings
The gift of God is given freely
We need to align ourselves with God so that the purpose of God will function in us

Mark 4 and 5
Mark 4:39-41
1 John 5
Only when we know who we are in Christ Jesus, we can fulfill His call
The devil doesn’t want us to know the truth of God fully
We must always safeguard the unity in the body of Christ
We must come together as one to defeat the devil
Fear brings instability and keep us under slavery and bondage but God wants us to break ourselves loose
Just like a bamboo tree, which grows roots for 3 years and shoots up and grows stronger for 40 years 3 times over, we need to grow deeper in the Word of God and drink from the rivers of living water
To see change and revival, we need to have revival first
“I will fill your emptiness”
God wants to change our position of defeat into victory; barrenness to fruitfulness
God wants to transform our lives
If we are faithful to the man of God and to continuing to serve with faithfulness and humility, God will elevate you from your past
Once we repent ,turn back to God and acknowledge our mistakes, God helps us to turn over
Shalom: nothing broken, wholeness, nothing missing
“Arise and Shine”
Only when we arise, we cannot shine for God
When your light comes through you, the glory of God will come!
Matthew 5:1-5
Jesus wanted the crowd to come up higher as they have already been seeing miracles and healings
He does not want us to dwell on the valley of decision or failures, but He wants is to come up to Him
He wants us to become hungry for the Word of God
When you hungry and thirsty for the Word of God, he will completely satisfy us
God wants to see the commitment and passion and discipline in you when He calls is up to the mountain.
When the crowd came up to the mountain, He called them disciples!
We need to shift our gears from
Sometimes we are not asking God or we are not asking with complete faith
God is wanting us to move forward
God is already in front of us and waiting for us to move forward!
When you put your trust in God
N-Newness, New direction/movement/waves, New beginnings
E-Encounter,Empowering, Enlightenment,Establishing
X -eXtraordinary happenings, eXpelling the powers & plans of the enemies, eXpanding the kingdom of God
T – Training, Transition, Transformation
Whatever is built upon God and His word, it will stand
Noah called his whole family together to built the ark, in the same way, we need to all work together with Pastor to support the revival
Genesis 8:5
Jesus has already given us the victory!
“பத்தாம் மாதம் மட்டும் ஜலம் வடிந்துகொண்டே வந்தது; பத்தாம் மாதம் முதல் தேதியிலே மலைச்சிகரங்கள் காணப்பட்டன.”
” And the waters decreased continually until the tenth month: in the tenth month, on the first day of the month, were the tops of the mountains seen”
God wants to transit us from our past to our future
To better understand particular verses, we need to read the previous passages
*The parable of the sower-v1 to 9
*Purpose and explanation of the parable of the sower-v10 to 12; v13 to 20
*Light under the basket-v21 to 25
*The parable of the growing seed-v26 to 29
*The parable of the mustard seed-v30 to 32
*Jesus’ use of parables-v33 to 34
These parables led to Jesus saying in verses “Now let us go to the other side”
Romans 8:19
Only when we communicate with God, we can become familiar with His voice
1 Samuel 3 – Samuel was in the temple from young age but could not recognize the voice of God as he was unfamiliar with His voice
God wants us to spend time with Him and pray.
We are not to just come to church but to have a two way communication and relationship with God when we move into DISCIPLESHIP
To go over to the other side, we need to be rooted and ready.
When you have faith, you will have victory!
When we go over to the other side, we will experience extraordinary things and will REDEEM & RECOVER EVERYTHING COMPLETELY!
Mark 5:18-20
Once we receive our promises, we do.not testify about God’s promises and healings
God wants us to tell people around us about the great things that God has done for us and lead them to Him.

Decapolis was actually ten cities that the Legion possessed man went and shared the gospel after he was delivered!
Through this man’s salvation, Saul became Paul and the gospel reached the gentiles