Day 20 #Tent of Revival [ 52 Days Prayer ]

Salt with Saltiness

Reading : Luke 14:25-35

Prayer Points

1. Pray that we will be salt with saltiness that can impact , influence the surrounding families and individuals.

2. Pray that God will help us to understand what it means to follow Jesus as a disciple.

3. Pray that we will surrender the wealth, career, family, possessions  and everything to God as a measure of counting the cost to be his disciple.

4. Help us lord to understand the weight of being salty and being an influence naturally to this world.

5. Let us become people always looking for opportunities to share God’s Word with others

6. Pray that the youth, Teens, preteens , Toddlers and young ones will be protected and Restored in their faith and relationship with Parents.

7. Pray for the land that we live. Pray for Singapore to heal from the influence of dark forces. Heal this land.

8. Pray for  Restoration among Indian community in Singapore. Restoration of faith, health, wealth, peace and Joy.

9. Pray that God will lead us to people who are backslidden, that God will lead us to serve them.

10.Pray that God will open the eyes of people who need to know the Truth of the gospel.