Dear Leader and believers in Christ

I am sharing with you this key message to rally and pray together and since you have known me for the last few years. In addition, to understand if there are visions and messages from God that have been downloaded to you concerning Revival.

Briefly, I am seeing revival at its brim with the Indian Tribe in Singapore and globally which will shape how the work of God will progress in the next years as we close in the curtains to the darkest of days approaching soon. While revival is in the will of God, a complete surrender to His will is what God is expecting


This calls us to pray united in the purpose. Please pray for Indian Tribe and if you share the burden of the revival of Indian Tribe. Especially for families and the next generation.

Let us keep this communication open as I sense that God will put out His Vision to leaders in Singapore to Align and unite us together for His greater purpose.

More Reading below to understand the background 

Background of Revival 

    1. 2016 – It was a supernatural encounter that we Hosted an event REVIVE Singapore  – The Seed of Revival was planted
    2. 2017, 2018, 2019 – We Hosted Praise & Power  – Focus on Next Generation and Revival of families.
    3. Since Oct 2019, God has been pressing to pray for revival. I had a divine encounter where God showed me the MRT with no people in it, and a sign for God to begin his Work.
  1. Nov 2019 as we moved to the new location, we sensed a purpose to gather and pray more than anything else. A fire anointing fell on the day 1 of our prayer at church. Ever since prayer has taken precedence in the church.
  2. While our senior pastor fell sick, we continued to rally and pray, and God gave us the word for the season 2020 – RESTING IN GOD– To Give Rest, provision, and protection.  This has been true to date and we thank God for this. An unprecedented rest our generation has never seen before.
  3. Since 31 Dec 2019, God impressed on my heart to pray and memorize Psalms 91 when the entire church on a weekly basis would sing and read psalms 91, when we heard the news of COVID 19, we realized what God was doing.
  4. February 2020, we declared it a month of supernatural Protection and in the next few days, the CoVID pandemic was announced. God protected everyone through the season.
  5. March 2020 my close friend who I shared about the vision of Empty MRT recollected the vision during the lock-down, I was reminded about it and asked God to reveal it to me about the vision I had. It must be empty before he fills us. Yes, God wants us to go to him Empty without prejudice, willing to surrender the freewill so God can pour out His will upon us.
  6. Then on, I had taken charge to share the desire for a revival sermon in church, and started Morning Prayer.
  7. We are closing in to complete 100 Days of Prayer for Revival towards this month-end.
  8. God has been answering our prayers, we have been praying for a breakthrough in people’s lives, bondage to be broken, and healing. God`s call upon the leaders of the INDIAN Tribe is clear and loud.

I believe when everyone catches this fresh fire, we will burn out the willfulness and let God do HIS will in God – Revival for the Tribe.I urge you to pray in your own church, family, and as an individual to seek God`s heart for revival.