Personal Spiritual Commitment

2Ch 17 :1-10

#Prayer of Repentance Day 4 of 10  #Dream Revival

God`s word will changes people. By such proclamation the heart of the people will be turned to Jesus.

Because Jehoshaphat trusted God, God lifted him up and exalted him as a king. when Jehoshaphat had established a preaching ministry in all the cities, then his enemies had a fear, and made no war.

In the days of John Wesley, England, was in a moral decline. Stomach well alive, soul extinct is the term used. In his preaching he talked continually of Christ and emphasized repentance, faith, and holiness. This revival cut across denominational lines and touched every class of society. England itself was transformed by the revival.

Ask GOD what can you do today. the first thing to do is personal repentance, personal devotion of the word of God, personal intimacy with God, family devotion.

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