Habakkuk Chapter 4 1-19

Day 52 # Tent of Revival [ 52 Day Prayer ]

As Habakkuk prayed for revival he began to praise the God who brings revival. Habakkuk glorified the power and majesty of God.

It is good to praise God like this, and God’s people need to do more of it. It is good to praise God

Because it gives appropriate honor and glory to God.

Because it declares God’s specific works.

Because it teaches and reminds us of who God is and what He has done.

Because it places man in proper perspective under God.

Because it builds confidence in the power and works of God.

As Habakkuk remembered how God had saved in the past, it made him full of faith for what God could do in the present and in the future. We might even say that what we praise is our strength. If by his words, life, or heart a man lives to praise his own achievements and resources, that those are his strength. If by words, life, or heart one praises a person or an idea, then those are his strength. We demonstrate that the LORD God is our strength when we praise Him.