Day 40 # Tent of Revival [ 52 Day Prayer ]

Humility of Christ 

Philippians  2 :1 -13

We might say that when Paul prayed for the Philippians, he became happy. It is remarkable to see that Paul’s first reference to his own feelings or frame of mind in this letter is that of joy – though he wrote from prison and a possible soon execution.

The work of grace has its root in the divine goodness of the Father, it is planted by the self-denying goodness of the Son, and it is daily watered by the goodness of the Holy Spirit; it springs from good and leads to good, and so is altogether good.” (Spurgeon)

Prayer from Scripture:

  1. Jesus was humble willing to give up His rights in order to obey God and serve people. Let us pray that we have such attitude.
  2. Let us pray that we will put others interest ahead of us. Let us not do anything out of selfish ambitions.
  3. Let us display Christ and attitude he showed us. Let us imitate Him.
  4. Let us pray to remove any selfish , pride, any other attitude that will disrupt us from serving others.

Revival Prayer:

1. Pray that God will help us to move to the next phase of Revival.
2. Pray that as we seek to Increase prayer, people will raise up through this season.
3. Pray for us to fast and pray to understand your blueprint for the next phase of revival.
4. Pray that you give wisdom for us as we engage with other leaders in the nation.
5. Pray that we will be able to Host Prayer Tent in different regions of Singapore.

Prayer for Restoration & Salvation:
1. Pray for restoration of families who have challenges in relationships.
2. Pray that the young people and their lives be restored.
3. Pray for those who are in their desert walk, that they will find the oasis.
4. Pray for the people who we have contacted, have not tasted God yet.