Do you Reveal GOD`s nature?
Romans 1:18-25

We sometimes object to the idea of the wrath of God because we equate it with human anger, which is motivated by selfish personal reasons or by a desire for revenge.
We must not forget that the wrath of God is completely righteous in character.

We know about God, yet we suppress the truth because of our wickedness. We may believe in God, yet refuse to commit to him. People around us might know the nature of God, yet they need to be told about Jesus and how through him they can have a personal relationship with GOD.

We must be prepared to obey the Great Commission. Knowing that GOD Exis is not enough. People must understand that God is loving. They must understand what he did to demonstrate his love for us. They must be shown how to accept God’s forgiveness of their sins.

What kind of GOD`s nature do you reveal? Begin today and let people see God’s love being demonstrated through you. Begin today that God`s forgiveness can be revealed through you.