#Prayer of Repentance Day 9 of 10  #Dream Revival

Joshua 7:14-24

When Joshua was defeated in the battle of AI, he realized that consulting God was necessary for everything, either be it small or big. Joshua knew that if God’s hand of blessing and guidance were not with them, it would be better if they had not come to the Promised Land at all. If God did not deliver them, all would be lost.

We try to do things many times with our own strength. We often use our own sills when we see the task ahead of us is easy.

In the eyes of GOD, it is not the small or Big that matters. It is obedience that God desires. Paul speaks in similar terms concerning sin in the church. A small amount of sin accepted and tolerated among believers can infect the whole group.

So what is the SIN that god dealt with here? Someone in Israel took things that were devoted to God,[Joshua 6:18 ] devoted either by their giving to His tabernacle, or by their complete destruction. One man stole from God, in the same way we steal from Him when we do not give Him what he directs us to give.

When God deals with a particular area of sin, and when we resist His work, His mercy makes us to fail in battle. We are most dangerous when we think we are “winning” battles with our own self-reliance.

We read that the entire family  of Sin has drastic consequences. Thus, avoid it.