Fear of GOD Psalms 112:1-10

#Prayer of Repentance Day 6 of 10  #Dream Revival

God guards the minds and actions of those who follow his commands. Many Blessings are available to those who Honor, prosperity, security freedom from fear.

Blessed means supremely happy or fulfilled. If you fear the Lord, delight in his word and obey his command, you will receive the blessings.

Generosity can resolve 2 problems that we face. It will eliminate the abuse of others because of the wealth accumulated. For some, it could be fear of losing the money. Generosity will respect GOD and place trust in him and not on money.

We might be having our own Hero’s in life who are fearless people. Bible say, when we fear GOD, our life will become fearless. he one who fears the LORD is blessed with wisdom that flows from his godly character.

To Fear GOD is to respect Him, to revere Him , to Trust Him to completely take care of us. When we do this, our fear will Vanish.

“It is not enough to fear God, we must also love him: fear will deter us from evil; love will lead us to obedience.” (Clarke)