Psalms 101

David says that he will set no worthless thing before his eyes.

He seeks to remove the impure objects that could pull his heart away from worshiping God.

Being proactive against sin and not letting it gain a place in our homes and intimate parts of our lives will help us to spend more time pursuing what is good and holy.

We need to fight against what is evil in all areas of our life.

David wants to remove ungodly people from his counsel.

He refuses to be influenced by people who do not walk faithfully with the Lord.

In our lives we must also be careful to take note of those people who speak into our lives.

We need to have wisdom and make sure that an ungodly person does not dwell in our life

We can be reminded of the sin that wars against us, the difficult relationships we have, and our inability to serve the Lord well.

Thank God for Jesus Christ who because of His work on the cross makes us new and redeems us.

That through His Spirit we are given the power to do what we were once unable to do.

That when we fail, He is faithful to forgive us and work powerfully through our shortcomings.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, remind us of the sin that wars against us.
Help us to cultivate a Godly life through the power of Jesus Christ. Amen