Day 28 # Tent of Revival [ 52 Day Prayer ]

Praying through Distress

Reading Jonah 2:1-10

It took a miracle for God to deliver Jonah. He tried to escape our responsibility. Are we running away from things that God wants us to do? Take charge for you are made for it.

Prayer Points:

1. Let us come to God with thanksgiving for all that he has been to us through these difficult times.

2. let us not be people who come to God only when there is a deep distress, rather reply on him wholly.

3. God gives 2nd chance to participate in HIS work.

4. Let our relationship with GOD be consistent. Daily commitment to spend time with GOD helps stronger relationship.

5. Let us look to GOD during the good times and the bad times, this will lead you to a stronger spiritual Life.

6. Any object or person who replaces God forfeit God`s grace and abandon any hope of mercy from GOD.

7. Our challenges must help us cling to GOD tightly. Let us come to God with thanksgiving heart during such times.

8. Let us raise up to take charge of bringing Christ in to every Home to Revive Singapore and Indian community.

9. Let us become part of the answer to prayer of restoration. Help to take responsibility and not run away from it.

10. Let us pray for the Churches in Singapore that it will stand strong in morality. We pray for the leaders to uphold purity in their personal lives.

Addtnl Prayers: Pray for Family members who live overseas in COVID affected countries. Specially INDIA, Malaysia, US, other countries.