Day 36 # Tent of Revival [ 52 Day Prayer ]

Romans 12: 9 – 21

The call to hope usually has in mind our ultimate reward with Jesus. Paul says we serve God rejoicing in hope, not rejoicing in results. This shows how we are commanded to do all these things with an eye towards heaven. The ancient Greek word for hospitality is literally translated “love for strangers.” In addition, “given” is a strong word, sometimes translated “persecute” (as in Romans 12:14). The idea is to “pursue” people you don’t know with hospitality. This is love in action, not just feelings.

Prayer points.

  1. Let us cling to what is good rather than doing both good and Evil. The godly person knows how to choose between good and Evil
  2. fervent in spirit, serving the Lord: If we are called to warm relations and good manners, we also know that we are called to hard work. The church is no place for laziness.
  3. Let us be Fervent in spirit A spirit that is boiling to Serve God and his purpose.
  4. Let us pray that God will help u us to be kind and affectionate to one another, not have a cold, stand-off like attitude.
  5. Let us serve God rejoicing in hope, not rejoicing in results. Let us do all these things with an eye towards heaven.
  6. Let us pray for People who we know but have not seen the freedom in their lives.
  7. Let us pray for families we know for breakthrough in areas they are now struggling.