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Children`s Church [ 4-8 yrs ] Every SAT 4pm
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equiping the children to win

To RAISE UP children as disciples Christ so as to REACH OUT and IMPACT communities, cities and nations through the life of Kids.

To train future leadership of true worshippers, prayer warrior and impact makers

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GKIDS 2023 Annual Camp

  This Year end Camp  year  we teach them how to apply the Armor of God to real-life situations?

One Key aspect is praying to God about the situation and listening to the instruction given in their spirit. 

God  works through spirit, hence we make them aware of the spirit living, fruits of the spirit and importance of talking to GOD first for that particular situation which is a real life issue which they need answers. 

Belt of Truth

Truth keeps us from giving in to the world’s beliefs. Compare your beliefs and action to the truth of the Word of God

Breastplate of righteousness

Righteousness is being honest, good, humble, and fair to others. It means standing up for weaker people.

Shoes to spread the gospel

The Gospel of Peace is being right with God and being contended in troubled times. Jesus said, peacemakers were blessed.

Shield of faith

Faith is being sure that God will keep His promises. Faith in God protects you when you are tempted to doubt.

Helmet of salvation

Put on the Helmet of Salvation by believing that Jesus Christ died for your sins and rose again.

Sword of the Spirit

which is the Word of God. When God spoke something powerful happened; this is why it is our best offense.

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Parent Partnership

As parents, we need your partnership to work with children at home. Be it daily devotion or the online programs that they watch through various streams.

We also are constantly looking for parent volunteers to engage with us to help with various recording, sorting, emailing and other work related to children`s ministry. 


Below is a quick brief of our curriculum structure from children age 4 to 8. 


Daily Devotion

Every week, we provide children with a 5 day devotion material which is also available for parents to download upon login. 

Art & Crafts

Every lesson, we provide children with a craft idea and guidance. sometimes it also comes with video instructions.  We hope the children to enjoy learning by doing.


Worship songs

Most of the worship songs are with actions, helping them remember  the songs and internalize the words. 

Cross words & Puzzles

Engaging the children with cross words and puzzle helps them think and answer which helps memorizing. 


Story Narration

We teach them stroies from trhe bible, at the same time, we work with the for their story telling skills.


Video Lessons

We use Rightnow media to conduct our offline lessons through parent partnership









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