Prayer keeps us on the forefront of revival. Without prayer, our hearts cannot be revived. Without prayer, our families cannot be revived, without prayer, the church cannot be revived. The key to everything is prayer.

In 1858, in New York, one man felt the burden to pray for the spiritual welfare of the city. He put up notices everywhere possible to pray with him during their lunchtime break. Next day, one person joined, and the following days a few others joined, and in a few weeks, many joined him and that led to a revival in the city. Thousands came to the knowing knowledge of Christ.

In 1904, God used a very ordinary person Evan Roberts who was working in a coal mine to spark revival in wales. He was a young miner. He gathered about 14 people and they prayed for 3 days. In addition, slowly the room was packed; revival broke out through the city. Thousands came to Christ. People came to the knowing knowledge and sensitivity of the move of Holy Spirit confessed their sins and repented.

Revival will break out to awaken those who do not know Christ. The people of Nineveh repented in sackcloth and ashes. God heard their prayers and stayed His Hands of judgement.

Friend, God is about to bring another wave of revival and awakening in Singapore. If we can pray together, If we can gather people together to pray, if we can share the gospel, there is no doubt revival will break out. It only takes a few of us coming together to pray. It only takes a few of us to commit to the revival, believe and pray. God moves when people pray. God changes destiny when people pray.