Day 32 # Tent of Revival [ 52 Day Prayer ]

Reading Mathew 20:1-16

It is by His grace we are saved. It’s purely His grace that we are in the position we are.His Grace is sufficient for us. Let us spread His Grace like salt with Saltiness.

*Prayer Points:*1. Let us approach His Throne of Grace just as we are.

2. It is God’s Grace that we are saved and trust in God for salvation of people we have been praying.

3. Let us trust in Gods Grace to soak us daily.4.  Let us be filled with Grace in every action and word as we engage with people.

5.  Pray for people who are broken in their lives and those who need salvation.
6. Pray for the Families to be Restored through your grace.
7. Pray for the Next generation. Pray that those who are in touch through camps and music classes be saved.

8. Help us to build relationships and build new bridges to reach those who are seekers.

9. Pray for the nation of Singapore. Pray that you will lead us to people who need your grace. Help us to be sensitive to their needs.

10. Pray for the Indian community in East, West,North East, North, Central regions

11. Let us raise up to take charge of bringing Christ in to every Home to Revive Singapore and indian community.

12. Let us become part of the answer to prayer of restoration.

13. Let us pray for the Churches in Singapore that it will stand strong in morality. We pray for the leaders to uphold purity in their personal lives.

Addtnl Prayers: Pray for Family members who live overseas in COVID affected countries. Specially INDIA, Malaysia, US, other countries.