Day 34 # Tent of Revival [ 52 Day Prayer ]  A genuine Heart & Devotion

 Reading John 12: 1-11

What Mary did at the Feast was remarkable in the eyes of Jesus but not in the eyes of the people around. It wasn’t unusual to wash the feet of a guest, but it was unusual to do it during the meal itself. Its not the time that matters. To attend to the feet was the task of the most lowly slave. Thus Mary’s action denoted great humility as well as great devotion.

Prayer Points:

1. It is the heart that matters. Let us have a humble heart like Mary

2. Let us have our devotion to God alone. Let us not be distracted by what people think and their words. Let us focus on GOD alone.

3. We see a genuine heart. A heart that is faithful and reliable. Not on the things of the world , temporal , but on those things of GOD.

4. It did not matter to Mary to pour our a year`s wage ( Equivalent ) in to the feet of Jesus. The life that Jesus gives is priceless beyond our earned , accumulated resources. How is our heart today?

5.  Pray that we will transform to people willing to spend our time and resources with families that are broken, lives that need God dearly.
6. Pray that God will transform our heart to spend our time, resources on the young people, Next Generation that their lives be restored for God`s glory.
7. Pray that God will enable us to meet them  NxGn at the point of their needs, as we purpose and plan the revival for the NxGn.

8. Help us to build relationships with families who are going through challenges, people who are struggling with addictions and bondage.

9. Pray for the nation of Singapore. Pray that you will lead us to people who need your grace. Help us to be sensitive to their needs.

10. Pray for the people of Indian Origin, community in East, West,North East, North, Central regions

11. Let us raise up to take charge of bringing Christ in to every Home to Revive Singapore and Indian community.

12. Let us pray for the Churches in Singapore that it will stand strong in morality. We pray for the leaders to uphold purity in their personal lives.

Addtnl Prayers: Pray for Family members who live overseas in COVID affected countries. Specially INDIA, Malaysia, US, other countries.

Blessings & Prayers

Pastor. Bobby Leonard