John 8: 48 to 59

The enemies of Jesus were frustrated. They were unable to make Jesus look bad, tackle him down. As more and more started to believe in Christ, So they launched their last attack. name-calling.

Sometimes, when we are not aligned with what God is doing in our lives, when we do not see how useful we are in the eyes of God, we tend to cling on to something small and trivial and retaliate, start calling names, speaking badly about other people ( behind them ) analyzing what and how they do things.

Let us search and understand if there are any biblically affirmative intentions behind our name-calling. If no, let’s stop it and look ahead at Jesus, his word that gives life, Eternal Life.

Jesus promises eternal life to those who keep His word. To continue in HIS word is not only outward obedience, but the endurance in, and obedience of faith.