Jeremiah 29:4-14

God wanted the Jewish people to multiply in Babylon, even as they multiplied in Egypt. Exil didn’t mean that God forgot about them or wanted to destroy them.

God wanted them to do good in their communities and be a blessing to their Babylonian neighbors. Ultimately, God caused them to be in Babylon, and they should be a blessing where they were set.

– Prayer and good works are ways to seek the peace in the city.

– Proclaiming the good news of God’s rescue in Jesus Name is also part of seeking the peace of the city.

– Random acts of kindness cannot bring enduring peace.

– The only basis for real and lasting peace is the work of Jesus Christ on the cross.

– God had a special purpose in allowing the captivity of his people into Babylon. Today if you are reading it and flourishing in another country, God has a specific purpose for you.

– Jeremiah’s words hope and a future.

When You seek him you will find him. When you search Him with all your heart you will find him. God would not hide from His people when we seek Him. In HIM is our Future. In Him is our Hope.