#Prayer of Repentance Day 3 of 10  #Dream Revival
2 Chr 20: 5-17
Jehoshaphat feared the LORD, and was more awed at the power and majesty of God than at the destructive force of his enemies.
Jehoshaphat set the example by his own personal devotion. We can expect God to do great things when His people, and especially the leaders of His people, seek Him.
Jehoshaphat has a higher trust in God than in his military resources. Jehoshaphat called the nation to express their humility and total dependence upon God through a public fast.
Jehoshaphat began his great prayer by recognizing the power of Yahweh over heaven and all kingdoms of the nations. Jehoshaphat also prayed recognizing God’s great works in the past on behalf of His people.
If God had done great things for His people in the past, He can be prevailed upon to do great things for His people at their moment of great need.
Jehoshaphat prayed with both knowledge and understanding of God’s word. He prayed that God would not allow His people to suffer for their prior obedience.
Jehoshaphat – a king standing before his people – openly confessed that he did not have the answer. The only answer was to trust in God, that His power and goodness would protect Judah when nothing else could.
Position yourselves, stand still and see the salvation of the LORD
God could have defeated these armies assembled against Judah, but He appointed a way that demanded the participation of faith on behalf of Judah. They had to work on a faith-partnership with God.